Tarot T-2D – 3DR Quad

3dr-quad-with-tarot-gimbalHow to connect 3DR quad´s pitch servo wire to the Tarot T-2D gimbal for a manual pitch / tilt control?


Quad´s receiver. There is only one plug with 3 wires connected to APM 2.5
Jumper is on 3 and 4



Pitch servo wire is connected to APM:
White goes to signal A10, showing on this pic.
Black and red are connected to APM´s OUTPUTS nro 6 – and + on the right side.

I have tried this connector on a regular servo and it worked but can I connect this same wire to the Tarot´s tilt control board?


Is the signal from APM ”S-BUS” type, or conventional type?
Can I plug this ”Pitch servo” from APM to ”S-BUS” on the Tarot board?
Or is the signal from APM ”conventional” and I should plug the white to the yellow on the pic and black to the blue and leave the red disconnected?
Or something else?