UPDATE 22.8.2013
I decided to order first an RTF quad from 3D Robotics (APM 2.6).
That way it is easier to start collecting the parts and components for my own quad.


This is info for the ”DIY” version:


– not ordered yet


QUADRO-COPTER RECEIVER – FrSky TFR4B 2.4Ghz 4CH Surface/Air Receiver FAAST Compatible


Light weight and compact in size, the TFR4B is a great choice for both surface and air applications. Its FAAST compatibility makes it an excellent value for users running 3PK/4PK/4PKS surface systems, and also for those using FASST 2.4G air systems.

FASST 2.4G: Air Systems (7CH Mode/Multi Mode) & Surface Systems (C1 Mode) (3PK 4PK/4PKS etc.)
FrSky TF Modules: TF-8M, TF-14M

Compatible with FASST 2.4G: Air Systems (7CH Mode/Multi Mode) & Surface Systems (C1 Mode);
CPPM and RSSI (PWM) output – If CH3 and CH4 are connected by a jumper, CH1 will output CPPM for CH1~CH8, and CH2 will output RSSI (PWM);
Light weight and small size;
Two selectable failsafe setting options

Number of Channels: 4
Operating Voltage Range: 3.5V~10V
Operating Temperature Range: -10℃~80℃
Dimension: 42x19x7mm
Weight: 5.0g

PRODUCT ID: 236000004


QUADRO-COPTER ESC – Flyduino NFET (HEXFET) 20A ESC SimonK Firmware

Multikopter ESC
20A ESC mit Simonk Firmware, FULL NFET, HEX FET
23 x 33 x 6 mm (PCB)
ca. 20g
externer Quarz

Diese ESC Hardware ist der Liebling von Simon, keine Hitzeprobleme, die 20A können spielend gezogen werden.
Testweise wurde die ESC mit 5s bei 15A betrieben, sie hat es klaglos mitgemacht, jedoch ist dies weit jenseits der offiziellen Spezifikationen und sicher grenzwertig.
4s Tests sind bis jetzt problemfrei verlaufen (Stresstest: MT3515, 4S ,1540 Propeller, grundsätzlich raten wir hier zum 40A Typen), ingesammt kann diese ESC mehr ab als der N/P Fet 25A/30A Typ, es sind keinerlei Hitze Probleme zu verzeichnen.
Die ideale Multikopter ESC.

Viele Anbieter werben mit hohen Hz angaben wie 600HZ, das kann diese ESC auch, jedoch ist dies relativ da dann nur noch 2/3 Gas angenommen wird oder die Regler enstsprechend neue eingelernt werden müssen und nur noch 2/3 der Auflösung zur verfügung stehen.
Diese HZ angaben sind im allgemeinen mit Vorsicht zu geniessen, sie dienen in 95% der Fälle nur dem Marketing.

Diese ESC läuft mit MT3506.

Es ist lediglich der Gasweg einzulernen, keine weiteren Settings möglich.



The MultiWii 328P is a gyro/accelerometer based flight controller that is loaded with features. This version of the MultiWii supports DSM2 satellite receiver functionality. With expandability options and full programmability, this device can control just about any type of aircraft. This is the ideal flight controller for your multi-rotor aircraft.

• SMD component design with Atmega328P
• ITG3205 Triple Axis Gyro
• BMA180 Accelerometer
• BMP085 Barometer
• HMC5883L Magnetometer
• Servo output for camera pitch and roll control
• Separate 3.3v regulated power supply for the sensors
• On board logic level converter

Dimensions 50x50x12mm
Mounting: Standard Mk style mounting holes 45mm X 45mm
Weight: 13.9g

Package content:
MultiWii 328p FC x 1

More information can be found on the Multiwii Website.

Note: When flashing the MCU with new firmware please remove any connection from AUX2.



QUADRO-COPTER BATTERY – Turnigy nano-tech 2700mah 3S 65~130C Lipo Pack

More than just a fancy name. TURNIGY nano-tech lithium polymer batteries are built with an LiCo  nano-technology substrate complex greatly improving power transfer making the oxidation/reduction reaction more efficient, this helps electrons pass more freely from anode to cathode with less internal impedance.
In short; less voltage sag and a higher discharge rate than a similar density lithium polymer (non nano-tech) battery.
For those that love graphs, it means a straighter, longer curve. For pilots it spells stronger throttle punches and unreal straight-up performance.
Excellent news for 3D pilots!Unfortunately with other big brands; numbers, ratings and graphs can be fudged. Rest assured, TURNIGY nano-techs are the real deal, delivering unparalleled performance!Spec.
Capacity: 2700mAh
Voltage: 3S1P / 3 Cell / 11.1V
Discharge: 65C Constant / 130C Burst
Weight: 252g (including wire, plug & case)
Dimensions: 134 x 43 x 20mm
Balance Plug: JST-XH
Discharge Plug: HXT-4mm

The nano-core technology in lithium ion batteries is the application of nanometer conductive additives.
1) The nanometer conductive additives form ultrastrong electron-conducting networks in the electrodes which can increase electronic conductivity.
2) These additives create a superstrong ability for imbibition in the carrier liquid to supply more ion channels. This improves the ability of ion transmission and ion diffusion.
Through improving electronic conductivity and ion transmission, the impedance is reduced and the polarization of high rate discharge decreases greatly.
Advantages over traditional Lipo batteries;
-Power density reaches 7.5 kw/kg.
-Less Voltage sag during high rate discharge, giving more power under load.
-Internal impedance can reach as low as 1.2mΩ compared to that of 3mΩ of a standard Lipoly.
-Greater thermal control, pack usually doesnt exceed 60degC
-Thickness swelling during heavy load doesnt exceed 5%, compared to 15% of a normal Lipolyduring heavy load.
-Higher capacity during heavy discharge. More than 90% at 100% C rate.
-Fast charge capable, up to 15C on some batteries.
-Longer Cycle Life, almost double that of standard lipoly technology.

PRODUCT ID: N2700.3S.65




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