The project start: 8/2012

The idea for the project came soon after I had made an order for a RC Unimog CC-01. At first I was thinking to make 3D prints of our company´s products (excavators and flail mowers) and attach those to the Unimog model. But I soon started to think that I´m going to need also a rally RC car and tune it with some personal frame. I have always been a SAAB 96 fan. My first car was Saab 96 and my dad used to own several of those, so I decided that the rally RC will be a SAAB 96. (The overrunning clutch is unbeatable).

Some ideas at the very early stage of the project:

The first problem is to get a 3D model of Saab 96 for the 3D printer. I have used Solidworks 3D software at my everyday work since 2002 but I had never needed any surface modeling skills so I am totally novice with that. I would very much like to learn surface modeling but to be realistic I just don´t have enough time to learn and make all that by myself so I decided to ask for help to get the 3D model files for this project.

The chassis that I will be using is DF-03Ra. It is a 4 wd chassis but I´ll tune it to have both 2 wd and 4 wd options.

At the same time we happened to have a fence and garden project at home and luckily the garden style that my wife had been thinking, happened to fit perfectly also for RC hobby 😀
So I will have simultaneously ”a garden with paths” project (read: ”a garden with an RC track” project).

Project pages:


Body work


Timing system

Lic EGO in-car cam

Live RC race HD broadcasts (experimental, sometime in 2013?)


Mixed links for RC project

Saab 96 still in Rally